We at Demand Infotech consider it as our priority when it comes to our client’s privacy. It is extremely important for us to safeguard and protect your privacy by providing all the information about our services online, and through this notice, we enable you to make your own choice of how to provide your information to us. As we have made this notice available in form of a link on the homepage for your convenience. This link is where all the personally identifiable information has been requested.

At Demand Infotech, we ensure that none of your confidential data is leaked, shared, disclosed, and transferred to any so-called outsider. Your sensitive information is safe with us, and our privacy policy guarantees 100% safety and security. The entire data provided by you is only accessed by us and our trusted team in order to safeguard our website and for a better user experience.

In order to get a quote, we only require your contact address, first & last name, phone number, email address, and services so that we can identify our potential customers and can connect with them for their requirements, hence can provide better service.

There is this policy that is safer in which we can also use the IP address provided by the user browsing our website for better assistance, we can resolve issues of the users browsing our web services through this.

For providing detailed information of our company we ask for your contact info and email id which makes it easy for us to provide and explain you with our services.

Gathering of information via technology:
We access the domain name or IP address when the users visit our website. It is accessed by us to have an account of the statistics and analysis is performed for gaining insight, calculating the frequency of visits on the web page, time spent by users on the website, and many more. This process is performed to increase users’ interest and to enhance their experience, with the help of navigational data (such as URL) and cookies, the information is captured and hence we can find out the frequency & time of the visit, browser, and operating system.

Improved Customer Experience:
The information provided by the users visiting our website helps us to provide them seamless and extravagant services very easily, and it is accessed by us in a very safe and secure manner, that is all our privacy policy reflects about us. Your information that is collected by us can Al’s be shared with a trusted third party to provide the ordered services. Moreover, the personal information of the visitors can also be used for keeping you updated with the latest offers, promotional emails, RSS feeds, and other key information that can benefit you. We use the data only on users’ consent to “SUBSCRIBE” it and we can also unsubscribe it at the user’s request.

Your Privileges:
The visitors are free to “Unsubscribe” to our emails, newsletter, RSS feed, etc. whenever they want, they have the right to do so.

Updating Privacy Statement:
Demand Infotech has all the right to redefine our privacy policy anytime we want without notifying you, so we suggest all our clients read our privacy statement regularly in order to be up to date. All our customers must abide by the policies of Demand Infotech that are stated in this policy statement.

Information Security:
We are extra careful and are using a safe infrastructure to safeguard your personal information that is highly confidential from being misused.

Contact Us:
If any information you share with us is incorrect then kindly notify us through email. You are free to contact us anytime regarding any doubt related to our privacy policy.